Restaurant-Museum "Sobranie" was founded in 2007 on the territory of the first Russian private museum complex "Music and Time", which is located on the Volga embankment. This location allows you to combine a meal with a walk through the historic center and sightseeing. "Sobranie" not only fits perfectly into the historical theme, but also perfectly complements this tourist object.

The museum complex territory is the former Vakhromeev merchants’ estate that was built at the end of the XVIII century. It was originally built at the expense of the merchant A. Sobolev and for a long time was in his possession. Merchants Kirpichnikovy later became owners of this estate.

In the middle of the XIX century, the manor was sold to one of the Vakhromeev brothers, who were among the Yaroslavl’s most influential personalities in the XIX and XX centuries. They were the richest merchants and patrons of the arts. The elder brother, Andrei Vakhromeev, was for a long time the mayor of Yaroslavl.

In the 30s of the twentieth century, the premises were re-planned as communal apartments. The restaurant-museum "Sobranie” has been operating in the building since 2007.

You wonder why "Sobranie" is called a restaurant-museum? That’s because we carefully restore old recipes, adding our own zest to them. Each dish is museum value for us.

 Here you can try dishes in the cast-iron from the Russian stove, dishes “with history”, the name of which arouses interest and appetite, local specialties made from local products, traditional tinctures of our own production.

In the "Sobranie" you can not only have a tasty lunch, but also feel the traditional Russian atmosphere, get pleasant impressions and take beautiful photos in authentic interiors.