Restaurant-Museum "Sobranie" was founded in 2016 on the territory of the State Museum Reserve "Rostov Kremlin", in the heart of Rostov the Great. This location allows you to combine a meal with a walk through a historic center and sightseeing.

Rostov Kremlin originally was the residence of the Rostov diocese Metropolitan. It was constructed in 1670–1683. The Rostov Museum of Church Antiquities was opened in the Kremlin’s White Chamber in 1883 In 1886, the Kremlin was taken under protection of the future emperor Nicholas II.

In 1910, the State Duma legislated the museum’s national status, deciding to fund its maintenance from the state budget. The Rostov Kremlin Museum-Reserve was included in the peoples of Russia state collection of especially valuable objects of cultural heritage in 1995.

The restaurant-museum “Sobranie” was opened on the territory of the Rostov Kremlin State Museum-Preserve in 2016 It has been pleasing its guests with delicious Russian cuisine and a medieval atmosphere up to this day.

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